Always engaged with Local and Indigenous Communities 

Wherever we operate we understand the connection to the local community that surrounds us. We buy local first, every time. We employ local staff wherever we can. 

Our local engagement goes further than simply donating to the local footy club. We make buying decisions that ensure money flows directly back into local businesses that employ local people. We have built capability in local suppliers to ensure they can scale up with us and sustain the level of turnover that we require.

We have sustainable long term engagements with local suppliers that ensure they can commit to capital expenditure with the knowledge our business will be there in good times and bad. We will always source staff locally where we can and we are seen as an employer of choice in the communities that we operate.

Our indigenous engagement programs have been extremely effective, our aim is always to provide long term sustainable employment. Our procurement policy drives us to engage with local indigenous suppliers and we are proud to be spending significantly in those companies.

Our Indigenous Participation Plan has been in place for a number of years but we continue to aspire to do this better and be industry leading in what we do.